These be the colours

I’m using the festive season productively. When everyone has been fed and watered, I play on Pinterest and Polyvore. I’m trying to confirm my colour palette to make sure I sew clothes I like and will wear – SWAP (sewing with a plan).

One of my dilemmas is black/not black.

I love this colour combination.

Black and burgundy

Black and burgundy. What could be better?

Or a softer version?

Navy and burgundy

Navy and burgundy.

Why choose between them?

If you’re not sure about the colours that suit you or how you want to combine them – go and have a play on Polyvore and build a collage. Just be prepared to lose hours of time!

This is my inspiration palette:

Colour palette

Colour palette

Notes to self:

  • Think of the taupe as more of a warm grey – not one of the brown family.
  • Use the soft brights.
  • Use high contrast, rather than gradient tones.
  • Keep silhouettes and styles quite definite – not too soft or frilly.
  • Stick to the plan. (If I keep making exceptions or changing my mind, then I’ve only got myself to blame and will continue to have items that don’t work with each other.)

Do you have a colour palette? Has it helped give you a more wearable wardrobe?